DSGM Systems

DSGM Team at Rice University 2010

DSGM Systems is commercializing a breakthrough technology to produce the first-of-its-kind, user-friendly, non-invasive glucose monitor that continuously tracks blood glucose levels and trends painlessly, in a wristwatch format.  Over the past decade diabetes experts have learned that providing a point in time reading, while necessary for medication dosing, was not as effective at keeping overall HbA1c levels in check as monitoring a patient’s glucose trending data and preventing unwanted excursions in glucose levels.   In fact, recent studies have shown that tight blood sugar control increases the risk of death in type-2 diabetics.  By utilizing DSGM Systems’ proprietary technology, the GluSonic Alert™ will allow users to keep their sugar levels on a more even keel, facilitating better overall health and avoiding the serious complications that high blood sugar causes.


DSGM’s first product is the GluSonic Alert™ wristwatch to track blood sugar changes, especially dangerous hypoglycemic lows, during driving, sleeping or other daily activity.