About DSGM


Company Background:  DSGM Systems Founder and President, Bill Cross, has a son in his twenties with type-1 diabetes.  Since his son’s diagnosis at age 13, Bill has been actively and aggressively researching all aspects of diabetes care and management.  In late 2008, Bill’s son had a dangerous low blood sugar event while driving. Every parent can relate to the fear inspired by that telephone call.  For Bill, it was a call-to-action.  Bill was determined to find a non-invasive method to alert his son, and the other 27+ million diabetics in the U.S., to rapid and unexpected changes in their blood glucose levels.  Bill searched the country’s best research universities and was eventually led to the most promising non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology.  This new, exciting, cutting-edge technology is the platform technology used in the GluSonic Alert™.