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DSGM-group-picDSGM is commercializing the Glusonic Alert™, a new approach in glucose monitoring that harnesses the body’s own response to changing glucose levels.  This new technology is the result of over $5M in research grants and 10 years of research & development by leading experts in the field of noninvasive glucose monitoring.  The Glusonic Alert™ noninvasive glucose monitor will continuously track blood glucose levels and trends, painlessly, in a smartwatch format. This amazing new technology will help diabetics maintain better control of their glucose levels, assisting in the prevention of “dead-in-bed” syndrome and unhealthy excursions in glucose levels that can lead to serious medical complications.  The Glusonic Alert’s™ exciting new technology provides predictable, highly accurate, continuous monitoring of glucose levels and trends.  The Glusonic Alert’s unique smartwatch platform will provide diabetics “A New Approach in Diabetes Care™”.


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Company Background

DSGM Systems Founder and President, Bill Cross, has a son in his twenties with type-1 diabetes. Since his son’s diagnosis at age 13, Bill has been actively and aggressively researching all aspects of diabetes care and management. In late 2008, Bill’s son had a dangerous low blood sugar event while driving. Every parent can relate to the fear inspired by that telephone call. For Bill, it was a call-to-action…

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